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Grab 3 or more friends, a deck of cards, a cup, and let the drinking game begin! Choose a card to pull from around the cup and follow the hilarious rules! You may call this drinking game King’s cup, Circle of death, or Ring of fire, but only one thing matters, it’ll leave you drunk and wanting more!

OBJECT: Don’t draw the last king!



How to Play Kings Drinking Game

• Place a cup in the center of the table and spread an entire deck of cards (no jokers) face-down around it.
• One at a time, players draw a card and follow the rule until the last King is drawn — the game ends and that player DRINKS the center cup!

Rule Suggestions

  • Little Green Man – Every time you take a drink, you must use your hand to remove the imaginary green man off the top of your beer, drink, then place him back on top.
  • On My Cock, In My Box – Guys must finish every sentence with “on my cock.” Girls must finish every sentence with “in my box.” This one gets hilarious!!
  • Drink, Drank, Drunk (The 3 D’s) – Anytime someone says one of the 3 D’s, they drink.
  • No Swearing – Anytime someone swears, they drink.
  • No Pointing, Fisting’s Allowed – Anytime someone points, they drink. *Note* pointing a fist is allowed!
  • Drink With the Opposite Hand (South Paw) – Every time you drink, you have to use the hand you’re less comfortable with.
  • No Touching _________ Body Part – Pick a body part you can’t touch, (face, hair, ears, lips, etc.). Anytime someone touches that part, they drink.
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