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3 Man

A dice game that’s more fun than Craps! Better hope you don't end up the 3 Man in this drinking game. Grab your friends, blow the dice and let it ride!

OBJECT: Avoid drinking – don’t become the 3 man!



How to Play 3 Man

Each player takes one turn rolling the dice. If the dice add to a 3, 7, 9, or 11, follow the appropriate rule. First player to roll a 3 (or a sum of 3) becomes the 3 Man. If a 3 (or sum of 3) is rolled at any time the 3 Man drinks. The 3 Man must roll a 3 (or sum of 3) to give the 3 Man status to another player. If your roll doesn’t add up to a 3, 7, 9, or 11, your turn is over.

Rule Suggestions

  • Little Green Man – Every time you take a drink, you must use your hand to remove the imaginary green man off the top of your beer, drink, then place him back on top.
  • On My Cock, In My Box – Guys must finish every sentence with “on my cock.” Girls must finish every sentence with “in my box.” This one gets hilarious!!
  • Drink, Drank, Drunk (The 3 D’s) – Anytime someone says one of the 3 D’s, they drink.
  • No Swearing – Anytime someone swears, they drink.
  • No Pointing, Fisting’s Allowed – Anytime someone points, they drink. *Note* pointing a fist is allowed!
  • Drink With the Opposite Hand (South Paw) – Every time you drink, you have to use the hand you’re less comfortable with.
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